3 Helpful Tips for Teaching Measurement for Kindergarten

Measurement in Kindergarten   Measurement for kindergarten…? Really? Are they supposed to learn how to use a ruler, a scale, a measuring cup? Okay, so if you’re new to teaching measurement in kindergarten, it’s a whole lot simpler than it sounds. You’ll want to get familiar with the Common Core

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15 Unique Gifts for Teachers at Christmas Time

Unique gifts for teachers at Christmas time can be hard to come up with, but I’ve got you covered. Gift your teacher something special this holiday season with this Gift Guide for teachers. Perfect for a co-teacher, your child’s teacher, or someone you know who is a teacher – you’ll

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Teachers, Do You Know How to Use Google Sites Templates?

Google Sites Templates for Teachers In this blog post, I’m talking all thing Google Sites, Google Sites templates, and how you can easily create a beautiful web-page for your classroom. Keep reading to find out why use this tool and how to build a web-page in no time. What are

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3 Tips to Classroom Procedures

When you were a student, how did you know what to do to succeed? Thinking back on my experiences as a student in the classroom, I was best successful when classroom procedures and routines were clear and consistent. How are you expected to succeed without knowing first what the expectation

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