3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Choice Boards (and customizing choice board templates!)


A simple way to make your own choice boards or customize choice board templates to transform your assignments

Have you ever thought about how these choice board things work?

Wow! That’s incredible and it looks SO simple. But I would have no idea where to start. Where does that teacher find the time? Did they create all of this from scratch? Had they just already created tons of these before?

ME TOO. I’ve seen the most creative choice boards with great options for students with links to every assignment. And I’ve had those same thoughts!

But here’s the thing. 

  • Creating choice boards doesn’t have to take a ton of time.
  • They don’t have to be super fancy.
  • You don’t have to be super techy. 

In fact, with one simple tool and a few quick tips, you will be rocking the choice board game in no time!

In this blog post, I’m breaking down one of the simplest ways to make your own choice boards to promote student engagement.

The best part?

-A single choice board for your students will take about 30 minutes to set up. (Yes, this can totally be done during your prep!)

-You don’t have to be super techy to do it (I promise!)

-Your students will be engaged and taking ownership in their learning through the use of choice boards.

If you would like to create your own choice boards…

The first step is to create a table in Google Slides. The amount of squares will depend on how many assignments or activity options you’d like to give your students and how long the choice board will run for.

For example, if my students will do one assignment per day and I only want to assign one choice board for that week, I would choose to do 9 choices to give students some variety.

Then, you’ll want to add in your assignments in a way that makes sense for you and your students. They can be arranged by difficulty, subject, unit, etc. 

Creating Choice Boards in Google Slides can be super simple. It just takes two steps. You can also purchase Choice Board Templates to make the process even easier for you.

I have this all done for you in my product Choice Board Templates for Google Slides. Simply click on the box, type in your assignment, and either print or assign digitally.

Want to grab the adorable pastel rainbow themed Choice Board Templates? Click here to get your copy for just $4.

Google-Slides-Choice-BoardsIt comes with:

  • 24 unique choice board templates – already preloaded to Google Drive for you
  • 3 header only choice board templates for those of you who just want the cute headers!

So fun and super simple for distance learning and beyond.






For a SIMPLE choice board:

Once your choice board is prepared, simply add your assignments and assign to students!

For a SLIGHTLY more extensive choice board:

Add some hyperlinks to any internet activities. This will save your students time and make it easier to navigate (especially if you are creating a choice board for kindergarten or early elementary).

Add check marks or another clip art option so students can drag and drop them to the boxes when they complete each assignment. Be creative with this part!

Creating Choice Boards in Google Slides | Fearless in Kindergarten | Using choice board templates and adding hyperlinks in Google Slides can streamline your organization and digital assignments.


Once you’ve got that foundation laid, your choice boards are ready to go. Creating these in Google Slides is EASY…and it’ll keep you more ORGANIZED. The best part is that these will be easily assigned online to a digital classroom or printed out for those who need it.

Here’s what one teacher who tried the Google Slides Editable Choice Board Templates had to say:

“I loved how easy these were to use. Using these templates saved me so much time and prep!”


Here are some examples of choice boards for kindergarten that I created using Google Slides:


And when your newly created choice board is all done? I want you to SNAP A PICTURE of that beauty and post it on social media with pride. (Or at least share it with your teacher besties.) Because you created a CHOICE BOARD! (Without losing your time or sanity!)

You can grab the done for you templates here → Choice Board Templates for Google Slides

Be sure to tag me in any of your choice board posts!

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