15 Unique Gifts for Teachers at Christmas Time

Unique gifts for teachers at Christmas time can be hard to come up with, but I’ve got you covered. Gift your teacher something special this holiday season with this Gift Guide for teachers. Perfect for a co-teacher, your child’s teacher, or someone you know who is a teacher – you’ll be sure to find something on this list for that special teacher.



Must-Have Gifts for Teachers at Christmas Time

Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set

Mary Kay Satin Hands

This is the perfect gift, especially with all the hand washing, hand sanitizing, and paper grading going on. Our hands get dry, but especially so in 2020. This luxurious set will keep teachers’ hands feeling soft and pampered.



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Flair Pens

Flair Pens

One of the favorite pens of the teacher world! Flair Pens make a great gift for teachers and can be used from grading papers to lesson planning.



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Aqua Yeti Mug

Yeti Mug

Teachers need lots of caffeine, especially this year, and no teachers should suffer from cold coffee. This yeti mug is perfect for the tea drinkers and the coffee drinkers alike. I’ve had my Yeti for over a year now and can’t go a day without it!



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Ticonderoga Pencils

Ticonderoga Pencils

Solve the never-ending pencil problem. This is one all in person and hybrid teachers could use more of. I know I am ALWAYS running out of pencils, especially in kindergarten, where pencils seem to just disappear 🤨



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Mary Kay Satin Lips

Mary Kay Satin Lips

I don’t know about y’all, but my lips get especially dry during the winter season. So this winter I’ll definitely be stocking up on this for myself. This is a powerful combo of a scrub and a lip balm to keep chapped lips at bay and return the moisture to them.


Gifts for Teachers at Christmas: For Any Teacher



Starbucks Gift Cards

This one is always a favorite of mine. It’s so nice to get a coffee or treat on someone else. No Starbucks near you? Think Dutch Bros, Dunkin Donuts, or Tim Horton’s. Any of these places will sure make your special teacher feel loved.



Gifts for Teachers at Christmas Time: Sentimental Ornament

Sentimental Ornament

Sentimental gifts are some of the best ones you can receive as teachers. This sweet ornament would make the perfect gift to show your special teacher you care this holiday season.



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Mary Kay Shea Hand Sanitizer

Shea Hand Sanitizer

Let’s be real – with all the hand sanitizing this season, we can all use a fancy, moisturizing hand sanitizer to kill the germs and make us feel pampered throughout the day. This one is my favorite to get the job done and add a boost of moisturization. 



Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Personal Laminator

Personal Laminator and Laminating Sheets

The mother of all office supplies for a teacher. This is surely not a gift your teacher will forget! This personal laminator is a steal, and works amazing. Don’t forget the laminating sheets too!


Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Desktop Dry Erase Board

Desktop Dry Erase Board

This one is a hot item right now! It’s basically a dry erase board that you can prop up on your desk or underneath your computer monitor. Quickly jot down your note and keep working. Such a smart gift and great if you love to give practice gifts.





Virtual Must-Have Gifts for Teachers at Christmas


Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses

Every virtual teacher needs a stylish pair of blue light glasses – considering they are on the computer all day long. Pick a style or send them an EyeBuy Direct gift card so they can choose their own!


Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy Gift Card

This is the PERFECT gift card for the virtual teacher. Who doesn’t have tech needs when working from home?! Best Buy carries laptop stands, headphones, speakers, everything you can think of for virtual teaching or learning. Even more perfect – you can send your gift card digitally.


Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: USB Document Camera

USB Document Camera

Speaking of tech, these little document cameras come in handy during virtual teaching. Teachers can shared what they’re writing or working on with the class, and the students can follow along. These make sharing documents and working through math problems a whole lot easier.


Gift for Teachers at Christmas Time: Cozy Slippers

Cozy Slippers

If I were working from home, I know I’d want to teach in my favorite pair of cozy slippers. (I’m sure you would too!)


Gifts for Teachers at Christmas Time: SweetWish treat box


This one is a sweet one – pun intended. Sugar Wish is a great gift option for any teacher, but especially those virtual ones. You can send their gift through email or text, then the teacher will get to choose their favorite sweets and have them shipped directly to their door. So fun and thoughtful.






Well, there you have it, friends. 15 unique gift ideas for teachers this Christmas. If you found this holiday gift guide helpful or bought your special teacher something from the list, I’d love to know about it!


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