Teachers, Do You Know How to Use Google Sites Templates?


Google Sites Templates for Teachers

In this blog post, I’m talking all thing Google Sites, Google Sites templates, and how you can easily create a beautiful web-page for your classroom. Keep reading to find out why use this tool and how to build a web-page in no time.

What are Google Sites?

Google Sites is a free web-page builder that is really user-friendly. No need to learn any coding or any special tech skills. Google Sites has a drag and drop interface to allow you to quickly build a website!

Using Google Sites for Education

There are SO many ways you can use Google Sites in the education field – and they are gaining lots of traction this year with virtual learning and hybrid learning happening! Google Sites can easily be used as a school website, a class page, or a hub for all the links your students and families would need.


Why Google Sites for Teachers?

For teachers specifically, Google Sites is a great option because it’s free and super easy to use! You can have a Google Site up and running within 15 minutes for your class. Some ideas for implementing a Google Site into your classroom this year:

  • Class page for parent information
  • Page for all your student information, such as links to important websites or tools
  • Distance learning hub to provide all things virtual for your online students
  • Student websites for project-based learning

The nice part is that Google Sites can be used by teachers for ANY grade level! In kindergarten, I am using my Google Site to house all of the students’ online activities, so they can easily navigate to what they need independently. For older students, you can even have them create Google Sites for project-based learning.

Google Sites vs. Google Classroom

Google Sites is a little different from Google Classroom. Google Sites in a drag and drop website that you can create and structure however you please. Google Classroom is meant to be operated as an online learning platform. Google Classroom is more structured and includes features such as classwork and an online grade book. Overall, Google Sites offers far more customization, but does not have assignments, rosters, or grading features.


Google Sites Templates

An easy way to get your Google Site up and running in no time is using a template! Templates typically come with a variety of banner options for your website and some templates even include images you can use as buttons for your Google Site.

Here are some examples of Google Sites templates I created:


Templates-for-Google-Sites google-sites-for-teachers

Steps to Installing Google Sites Templates:

First up, choose which banner you would like to go with from your Google Sites template package. You’ll upload the one you chose as your header image on your Google Site.

Next, use the button images to customize your website more. Upload the button image of your choice, then click the linking chain button to add the functionality to the picture and make it link to the website of your choice!

Continue editing and adding buttons and information to your website until you have the result you want! This is the fun part of building a Google Site – it’s so fun getting to design and add all of the information for parents and students to use!


Creating Your Own Banners with Blank Banner Options

For designing, I love using Canva – an online design platform that is so easy to use. If you’re new to Canva, use my affiliate link to get a free design credit on me. You can also use PowerPoint or Google Slides to edit the blank banners too.

Specifically for my banner templates and creation of banners, I use a 10 inch by 5 inch canvas size. Just be sure your wording or designs are in the middle of the canvas so they are visible in all of the header styles! 

Simply add the blank design as your backdrop, then add any text or pictures to the canvas you want. Export the file as a PNG, and it’s ready to upload!

Looking for more Google App tips?

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